Antique & Costume Jewellery

Antique & Costume Jewellery  1900 - 1960

Silver & Banded Agate BroochSilver & Banded Agate Brooch

Arts & Crafts Silver & Ceramic BroochArts & Crafts Silver & Ceramic Brooch

Encompassing work in many styles and materials, this time span is rich in unusual and arresting pieces.

We look for antique and vintage pieces in original condition, or which can be brought back to original condition without involving major changes to the original design.

For example, necklaces may be re-strung so they can be safely worn, but are not broken up to make essentially new pieces. Discoloured or broken pastes in Deco clips, bracelets or brooches, or in diamante necklaces, may be removed, but are only replaced with good condition, matching stones.

Examples of the type of pieces we stock are:-

  • Ruskin or Minton-Hollins ceramic plaques and natural semi-precious stones set in pewter, silver or copper from the early c20th.
  • Cut glass beads with rolled-gold links and glass/foil or lampwork bead necklaces of the 1920's & 30's. Many of these probably originate from Venice.
  • Unusual designs in textured metal and glass brooches, necklaces and bracelets of the 1920's & 30's from Czechoslovakia.
  • Paste in white metal or silver necklaces, brooches, clips and earrings of the 1930's.
  • Silver and Marcasite clips, brooches, rings and earrings of the 1930's to the 50's, plus diamante pieces of the 1930's to 50's.
  • Early plastic jewellery, Celluloid, Casein and particularly Bakelite of the 1920's & 30's.

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